Eastern Shoshone Hand-Beaded Necklaces

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These brightly colored medallion necklaces were hand-beaded by local artists of the Eastern Shoshone tribe in the mid-western United States. They feature tiny, intricate patterns of glass beads painstakingly hand-sewn onto leather backing. Available in two unique designs.

The Black Stallion Necklace

The Eastern Shoshone are known for their Plains horse culture after acquiring the horse in 1700s. They became proficient hunters thus they became fierce warriors. This bright yellow medallion necklace was beautifully hand-beaded by artist Colleen Ute Anderson.

Necklace: 21" in length.
Medallion:  5" in diameter.

The Rose Necklace

The rose has become one of the dominant and most recognizable patterns used by Shoshone artists, drawing inspiration from the natural elements around them. This gorgeous medallion necklace was hand-beaded by artist Anita Shongutsie.

Necklace: 16" in length.
Medallion: 4" in diameter.