Teal & Brass Vintage Vases

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These gorgeous vintage vases contain a unique marble-like design for their bodies along with brass accents. To enhance the vase, add a few of our felt flowers or grab some fresh or dried flowers to invite the feeling of spring in. Both spouted and un-spouted vases are available. See Dimensions below: 

Small Lidded Vase: 3''x 3''x 7''

Small Spouted Vase: 3.5''x 3.5''x 7.5''

Tall Spouted Vase: 3.5''x 3.5''x 9.5''

Large Spouted Vase: 3.5''x 3.5''x 7.5''

Medium Vase : 4''x 4''x 9''

Medium Spouted Vase: 5''x 5''x 4.5''