The Great Lakes Goods | Anthurium Forever Flower

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Want to enjoy the everlasting beauty of a flower that never dies? Bring home a hand painted, wooden, Anthurium flower stem to add a little bit of tropics to your space.

  • Approx 10" long.
  • Painted on both sides.


The Great Lakes Goods is a Brooklyn based design studio.  Established by artist & designer Rose Lazar in 2008, The Great Lakes Goods is founded on the idea that an object can have a vibe and a vibe can change your life.

Making work that walks the line between fine art and home decor, The Great Lakes Goods makes affordable and approachable pieces that feel like they were made for you.  Artist owned and operated Rose, who has a background in fine art and printmaking, started The Great Lakes Goods as a way to continue her love of printmaking with a paper goods line and has turned it into a world of good vibes and lucky totems for you and your home.  

Deeply rooted in sentimentality, superstition and a love of handicrafts, almost everything they make is hand made as if it was for you.  Referencing the past via song lyrics, movie quotes and iconic symbols, there's a nostalgia to everything they make.  Working out of her Brooklyn, NY studio each print is hand printed and each wooden home decor piece is hand painted.  Anything not made in house is made responsibly in the USA.