TANIT | Dissolvable Cleaning Tablets (2-pack)

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REVOLUBAR is a sustainable home cleaning solution, responsibly sourced and transported in a compostable pack. 

The REVOLUBAR concept has been created to help fight against plastic waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions thanks to its reusable and adaptable properties.

STEP 1. Pour 500 ml of hot water into a reusable bottle

STEP 2. Insert one tablet and let it dissolve completely

STEP 3. Shake lightly before using

Three variations available: All Purpose Cleaning, Glass and Mirror cleaning, and Grease and Stain cleaning.

All Purpose Cleaning:

  • Ideal for regular use on washable and flooring surfaces.

  • Cleans naturally and leaves a brilliant finish without any trace.

  • A concentration of fruit acids from citrus and natural dispersing agents. These elements penetrate quickly to loosen soils and rinse them away, while preventing the static electricity that attracts dust.

Glass and Mirror Cleaning:

  • Ideal for mirrors and windows.

  • Cleans glossy surfaces gently thanks to its effervescent effect, without leaving any trace.

  • Compounds sourced from Coconut oil and natural extracts work together to leave surfaces bright. They act quickly to lift sticky residues and eliminate fingerprints, for a perfect brilliant finish.

Grease and Stain Cleaning:

  • Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Cuts through grease, grime and calcium build up.

  • Crafted with powerful natural enzymes that break down soil components into smaller pieces to eliminate them without the need to rub.

  • Suited for a variety of surfaces such as ceramic, metallic sinks and appliances, tile floors and wood.

  • Can be used as makeshift stain remover to vanish coffee, food or dried blood stains from clothes and other fabrics.