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The Home Pantry is creating high-quality and unique pantry goods for those looking to add fresh and flavorful products to their home and professional kitchens. They pride themselves on being focused on sustainably packaged goods, in addition to offering their employees liveable wages and making a good impact on our community.

2 Flavor Choices: 

- Curry Lentils + Split Pea Soup

- Spicy Black Bean

Curry Lentils + Split Pea Soup

Layers of red lentils, split peas and top quality herbs and spices. Turkish curry, indian turmeric and whole bay leaves. Serves 4 – 6 people.

Spicy Black Bean 

Black beans with sun dried tomatoes and a whole chili peppers, allowing you to control the heat. Top quality herbs and spices, serves 4 – 6 people