Self Ceremony | Brass Incense Burner

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We love this elegant brass incense burner! The screen lid makes burning incense super easy: flip it over and create a concave nook that will hold the charcoal disc in place. Once the herbs have turned into ash you can easily scrape them off the charcoal disc, right into the vessel while the charcoal sits on top- effortless and easy to clean. It comes with a heat-resistant hand-carved wood coaster.

- Solid Brass with removable screen lid

- Size: 3 in in diameter (7.6 cm) by 1.5 in tall (3.8 cm)

- Includes hand-carved wood coaster, 3 in diameter

CAUTION: Charcoal will cause burner to get hot. Please insure that your burner is placed on wood coaster or other heat resistant material. Never handle hot burner with your hands. Keep away from kids and pets.