Pile Knot Rug - Black & White Diamond Runner

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Beni Ourain style rugs are pile knot rugs intricately designed and are used as two sided rugs in Oued Ifrane. There is the summer side, when the pile side is placed face down on the ground to keep things cooler. During the winter, the pile side is placed up to keep things warmer. You can find these carpets with natural wool from the local sheep or cotton yarn bought from the village market. Depending on the size of the rug, it can take weeks to create. Each knot needs to be individually tied and cut, taking up to two weeks for one person to create each meter!

Approx. Size 7ft x 3ft 1in x 1in



This rug was made by the women of the Nahda, or renaissance, Cooperative. The coop was founded in 2011 to provide opportunities for women in the community to use the rug weaving skills they had passed down for generations to be able to support their families. The women hope to reinvest the money they are making to open more businesses in the community including a bakery!



Anou is a community of artisans working together to reshape Morocco's artisan economy so that it works for rather than against them. By purchasing this rug you are supporting both an artisan's livelihood and their ability to shape the future of craft in Morocco. Anou represents a fundamental shift in the fair-trade industry. Instead of asking how organizations of businesses can help, Anou asks how can we build a resilient community of artisans where outside help and fair-trade organizations are no longer needed.