Pile Knot Rug - Black & White Arrow Pattern

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This traditional pile knot rug can be found in every home in the area where it was made in Morocco. The colors in her rugs reflect Moroccan culture as most can be derived only from local plants.

Approx. Size 10ft 10in x 4ft 7in x 1in


This piece was made by Touda Bous-Enna.

Touda was born in southern city of Agadir but moved frequently as a child because her father was in the military. Most of her childhood though was spent in the city of Marrakech where she attended school. When she left school, she started to learn how to weave with expert weavers in Marrakech. After a year of working in Marrakech, her father retired from the military and moved his family to the valley of Ait Bougamez where his parents still lived. Back in Ait Bougamez, Touda continued to hone her weaving skills weaving rugs and jellabas for her family and village. Eventually, she married and moved to Ait Bouli. She has two children; a daughter who has since married and one son who is still studying in school. Her husband is retired and spent his career in the military as well as managing a local mine in the mountains of Ait Bouli. Outside of running the house, Touda helps her husband take care of their livestock and fields. She also helps run a small family run guest home. While her passion ins weaving, Touda hasn't been able to spend much of her free time weaving as she has had to focus on finding more income for her family. However, with access to market, Touda hopes that she can return to weaving while supporting her household all at the same time. Touda's vision for the rugs she plans to create are rooted in the local culture and environment of Ait Bouli, following her passion for local cultural preservation. Every time Touda makes a rug, she develops the idea as she weaves making her designs tangible imprints of her imagination. In the future, Touda hopes that by generating sales, she'll be able to convince other women in her village to create a cooperative with her so they can generate more income for their village.



Anou is a community of artisans working together to reshape Morocco's artisan economy so that it works for rather than against them. By purchasing this rug you are supporting both an artisan's livelihood and their ability to shape the future of craft in Morocco. Anou represents a fundamental shift in the fair-trade industry. Instead of asking how organizations of businesses can help, Anou asks how can we build a resilient community of artisans where outside help and fair-trade organizations are no longer needed.