Osmos Studio | Iris Frosted Glass Vase

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This frosted glass vase can embrace your home decor with a unique artistic expression. From exotic florals to dry twigs from the backyard, Iris's frosted glass vase can cherish it all. The translucent finish of this vase adds a peculiar play of reflection to the objects inside the vase. 

Composition: 100% Glass
Color :  Frosted White 
Dimensions(inches): 11" X 3.5"

About the Studios:

Founded during the midst of the pandemic, Osmos is a modern homeware brand pertaining to a new age lifestyle of people who are spending more time in the comfort of their home right now than ever. Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics and values, our brand stands for simplicity, calmness, and modern minimalism not only to homeware but the way we live our lives.