Ayres Estudio | Orinoco Wood Container

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Ayres Estudio designs useful, simple objects and furniture with a primary aesthetic. The basic shapes are unique, remembering prehistoric utensils.

Inspired by historical, natural and primitive roots, artists Joana Valdez and Karim Molina highlight the beauty of the materials, design, and quality working with natural materials like Guayacán and Tzalam woods, lava rocks, marbles, and natural leathers. The process is completely done by hand, allowing each object be a unique piece. Their designs are created in several states in México, one of which in Yucatán, where they produce wood designs. 

Ayres Estudio believes everyone deserves special objects that tell a story and a purpose within their spaces, giving a sentimental and totally intimate side to each of their designs.

Measure: Low 13cm x 11cm / Tall 8cm x 15cm

Material: Tzalam wood.