Carafe Collection| Sagaform by Widgeteer

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Sagaform by Widgeteer is rooted in classic Scandinavian design with a commitment to functional quality products caring about the familiar and which are created to be used and appreciated in many homes by many families for a long time to come.

Carafe Collection

White Wine Carafe

Designed as a white wine or water carafe, but works for all types of drinks. A classic style, designed to last. A popular gift.

Classic Carafe with Oak Stopper

Sagaform’s classic carafe in a smaller size for smaller quantities of wine or your best oil or vinegar.

Red Wine Carafe 

Designed for red wine with wood stopper.

Nature Shot Carafe 

Snap carafe in glass with classic cork. The drink gets a focus in this design and the carafe becomes a nice feature for the tablecloth.