Rose Pacheco | Hand Painted Vase

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According to the Morningstar Gallery, Rose Pacheco is the daughter of famous potters, Gilbert and Paulita Pacheco, and the niece of master traditional Kewa (Santa Domingo) potter, Robert Tenorio. Rose has been making pottery since the late 1970s making her just a small child when her family taught her the art of pottery making.  She decided to make it her career upon the passing of her mother and father.

Although her works are considered contemporary, Rose describes herself as a traditional potter much like her uncle. "Her clay is made from materials she sources from the hills of Kewa Pueblo (Santo Domingo Pueblo) and her homemade paints are created from plants such as prickly pear and prunes. Rose hand coils her bowls to shape them and then decorates them with centuries old design motifs that remain popular today. The homemade paints are applied to the unfired bowls using a brush made from the yucca plant. Then the bowls are fired in a pit outdoors using cottonwood bark fueled fires in traditional Pueblo manner. Finally, Rose finishes each bowl with an egg white coating giving the final work a soft luster."

Bring the beauty of Traditional Native Pottery into your home with this original Rose Pacheco Hand Painted Vase: approx. 6.5" x 5" (WxH) / 3.5" (diameter) opening