Native Pottery - Dina Leonard

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The intricate fine line carving characteristic of Navajo etched pottery varies in overall design and color from artist to artist. The prepared cast clay pot is hand etched with various carving/sculpting tools, hand painted, and then kiln fired. Dina Leonard and many Navajo artists also incorporate various native motifs such as bears, Kokopelli, geckos, etc. into the the design of their pottery.

In addition, the use of horsehair is also known to enhance the design of pottery. Navajo horsehair pottery is created by applying actual horsehair to the finished pottery piece. Immediately after the prepared ceramic clay pot has been fired, a thin layer of horsehair is evenly spread over the top of the pottery. Precise temperatures are required to allow the horsehair to properly burn onto the pottery creating a unique marble effect. The Pottery is then wiped with a matte glaze finish.

The myriad of colored bands that are used in these particular styles of pottery provide endless decorating possibilities.


S: Height (2.5") Width (5") Opening (2" diameter)

M: Height (4") Width (4") Opening (1.5" diameter)

L: Height (4.5") Width (6.5") Opening (1.5" diameter)