Richard Silver | Alabaster Bear Sculpture

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Alabaster sculpting is an up and coming form of art on Native American Reservations. Alabaster is mined in and around Cedar City, Utah. It is a variety of calcite with a hardness of 3. Alabaster is usually white and translucent, but is often banded with dark colored streaks. Depending on other mineral deposits, the rock comes in a variety of colors from white to gray or pink salmon to a deep red.

The process of sculpting begins by roughing out the image with a grinder and electric sander. A dye grinder is then used to add detail, while the final intricate cuts are done by hand with files, carving knives, and sandpaper. Most of the final texturing is done with a dremel tool using stone bits. 

Much of what is carved into stone depends on the interest and personal background of each artist. The pieces range from traditional Southwest to Plains Indian lifestyles and customs while other pieces depict native wildlife. 

With a certificate on authenticity, Richard Silver of Navajo, has created this beautiful Alabaster bear sculpture: approx.14 in x 1 ft. (L x H)