Laos Dome Earrings with Sterling Silver ear post

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Laos Dome Earrings as seen on The Ellen Show, worn by Emma Watson 

These Dome Earrings are effortlessly chic, super lightweight and comfortable to wear; finished with sterling silver cups and posts. 

Inspired by shapes, motifs, and colors in Laos. Each form is abstracted from imagery that evokes silver and gold foil motifs, temple silhouettes, or lush green jungle. 

The New Collection juxtaposes the traditional artisan technique of hand pouring PEACEBOMB Al metal , stone polishing and gold and silversmithing techniques.

Each piece gives back to support traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods, village development, community endeavors and further de-mining efforts.  

Your purchase contributes to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to safely & expertly clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs contaminating land in Laos.

$130 sterling silver pair clears 8m2 of Laotian landscape