"Japacolle" Japan Collections - KAMOSHIKA Japanese Tea Pot

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An easy-to-use Japanese Teapot(Kyusu) that blends in with your daily life This kyusu is large, light, and easy to wash, making it perfect for daily use. The shape is easy to use and wash. The shape of the kyusu itself extends upward so that the tea leaves do not get caught and it is easy to wash and clean. The lid and the body are made in a perfect match, which are cut one by one to adjust the fit so that they fit together properly. In the second brew, the tea leaves open up, making it difficult to brew tea using the body alone. The tea drips gently from the hole in the lid to the spout.

Available in white, black, and green, as well as in limited edition blue and green glaze, it can be used for any occasion.

With a capacity of 300 cc and a weight of 350 g, it is easy to handle and makes the act of making tea more natural and beautiful.

Size: W18.5cm(12cm dia.) D15cm H9cm 300ml