Intertwined Candles

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Intertwined Candles are handmade by refugee women living in Clarkston, Georgia using re-purposed glass bottles and all-natural soy wax. Each purchase of an Intertwined candle allows these women to create a brighter future for their families.

Nestled just outside of Atlanta is a small town known as "the most diverse square mile in America". For decades, people from over 40 countries have come to Clarkston, Georgia to escape war and other unimaginable circumstances. Despite very different backgrounds, the refugee women of Clarkston impacted the lives of a small group of American women. As their hearts and lives were woven together, Intertwined Candles was born to let the light of their friendship shine in your life too!

Each 12 oz candle is hand-poured using all-natural soy wax and has a burn time of  60 – 70 hours. It comes in 5 different delicious scents!

MahoganyBold earthy musk intertwines with soft wood and sweet coconut for a rich deep fragrance that leaves a lasting impression.

Forest- A vibrant woodsy aroma of fresh cut pine and lush evergreen transforms the senses and draws you back to nature.

Harvest- A combination of fresh cinnamon and warm vanilla blended to create a soothing rich fragrance (that will make you long for cool afternoons with crisp fallen leaves).

Dew- Indulge in a delightful rainforest with a mix of soothing dewy citrus and sweet sugarcane.

EdenEscape to a paradise of sugary sand beaches and tropical botanicals.