Hipster Baby Gift Set

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Introduce the sweet baby girls in your life to ethical shopping with our Hipster Baby gift set! What is cooler now than avocados, cacti and sushi, the love language of every true hipster!

This gift set is completely made by hand by artisans in Kyrgyzstan.  Silk Road Bazaar works with marginalized artisans who don't have access to a thriving marketplace but who want to continue in the traditional craft culture of their country. 

This gift set includes:

- Zooties Felt Slipper (fits 6-12 months)

Zooties slippers are handcrafted from locally resourced sheep's wool in Kyrgyzstan. They are the perfect natural and environmentally conscious baby shoe.

Zooties come in one size and fit toddlers 6-12 months.

- Felted Friend Cactus 

Felted Friends are amazingly crafted cute and cuddly creatures that will bring a smile to anyone. Felted Friends are made using both wet and dry felting techniques, resulting in these exquisitely designed stuffed animals. Felt Stuffed Animals are made using locally-sourced wool all natural fibers.

- Knit Avocado Rattle 

Knitted from cotton yarn these rattles are machine washable, cold.