Happy French Gang | Contour Line Throw Pillow

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Made from homespun, handwoven 100% super soft heavy cotton, natural dyes only and hand-stitched. We stick with our values focusing on color and texture with a sustainable product. 

PROCESS: Somnath is the name of the artisan from West Bengal who hand spins and weaves this cotton fabric. The jumpsuits are dyed, cut and sewn in Rajasthan, India. The manager started the cooperative that produces these 4 years ago to provide jobs to women so they could send their kids at school. The check fabric is made with ancient technique called mud-resist.

  • Size: 18” x 18”.
  • Natural dyes.
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Hand-spun and handwoven.

Available Colors:

  • Himalayan w/ White Contour Line
  • Indigo w/ Himalayan Contour Line
  • Mustard w/ White Contour Line
  • White w/ Himalayan Contour Line