Esmalte Verde | Candle Holder Vase

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The Story

The technique and ceramic tradition of Santa Maria Atzompa, is one that not only produces beautifully handmade pieces, but one that is consistently trying to get preserved by the families of artisans who have carried on those methods for generations. The general technique begins with mining clays of all types in the mountains within the region. Next, the pieces are crafted by hand and set out in the sun to dry before their first kiln firing that utilizes alternative energy methods such as burnt cooking oil. Then the pieces are covered in enamel and re-fired to perfection.

The Piece

Handcrafted in Oaxaca, Mexico by the Taller Ruíz López family, these green glazed candle holders are an essential piece of home decor that one simply cannot ignore! Not only can you use this as a candle holder for large taper candles, but you can also put an arrangement of dried flowers inside them too! Additionally, if you flip it upside down, you expose a bowl which can be used for burning incense cones, incense resin on a piece of charcoal, or a tea light candle. This extremely versatile piece can be displayed on a dining room table for a romantic low-lit evening or in any safe place where these candleholders can receive the adoration they deserve.

Dimensions: Approx. 5" base diameter, 2" opening, 7.25" tall