GDS Cloth Goods - Ebb Filter Compatible with Chemex® 6-10 Cup Brewer

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We know how much you care about your coffee, which is why Ebb reusable filters are always made of certified organic cotton & create consistent cups of coffee. A basic starter guide is included with your Ebb filter to help you get multiple cups of delicious coffee in one pour-over brew. 

Available in two types including:

Standard no.4 filters (Fits a variety of brewers that take standard no.4 filters.) 


6-10 cup filters (Designed for use with the 6-, 8- or 10-cup brewers)

  • 1 reusable filter per pack.
  • The flaps hold the filter propped high, keeping it from dropping down and blocking your flow. 
  • Made from US-grown organic cotton.
  • Woven in South Carolina.
  • Sewn-in San Leandro, CA.
  • Recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging easy to wash and care for. 
  • Good for at least 100 uses.