Flat Weave Moroccan Rug: Zig Zag

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Beautiful, handmade wool rug from Morocco!

Dimensions: Large: 5‘x8’, Small: 2’x3’

100% wool

Spot Clean 


Our Partners

Chabi Chic revisits Moroccan craftsmanship by bringing a modern touch in order to promote this richness internationally: THE MADE IN MOROCCO.

They offer superior quality products relying on handmade products made by craftsmen. This fruitful partnership gives the artisans the opportunity to get out of the informal work they were in in the past and, above all, to work in better conditions.

The handmade aspect accentuates the fascinating dimension of ancestral secrets, of guarded traditions and gives material to make each object a unique piece that tells its story from hand to hand, until it ends up in the hands of the final recipient, the client.

Each chabi chic creation has a magical and mystical dimension of oriental culture.