Desktop Air Plant Stand + Harrisii Air Plant

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This minimal, wooden stand is designed to hold a small air plant*, and is a perfect living addition to your desk or shelf.* It is 2" x 2" in size and includes an air plant. A care card is also included that will walk you through how to care for your new plant.

*The air plant in the second photo is the one included with the stand.


> Plant is approx. 1" at the base.

> This plant is 3"-5" in height. It can grow over time.


> Air plants like to be watered once a week. You may spritz them with a spray bottle, or soak them in water.

> To ensure a healthy, long life for your plant, I recommend soaking them at least once a month.

> If they are displayed directly in a window, you will want to spritz them with water more often to avoid dehydration.

> A beautiful, easy to take care of plant! With so many unique ways to display them, they make a great indoor plant.