Boucharouite Square Rug - Black, White and Red

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Despite its modernly chic appeal, the Boucharef carpet has its roots in traditional Atlas Mountain culture. When poorer families were low on supplies during a cold winter, they washed and tore up old clothing to furnish their homes. Fortunately, today the carpet carries on in tradition rather than in necessity.

Approx. Size 2ft 1in x 1ft 10in x 1in



This rug comes from the Skhirat region of Morocco and was made in a rural community. The region is known for its life stock and agriculture and most importantly, its weaving! The women who make up the Cooperative Nahda are bound together by family kinship and a love for weaving. Most have no formal education and learned their trade from their mothers. 



Anou is a community of artisans working together to reshape Morocco's artisan economy so that it works for rather than against them. By purchasing this rug you are supporting both an artisan's livelihood and their ability to shape the future of craft in Morocco. Anou represents a fundamental shift in the fair-trade industry. Instead of asking how organizations of businesses can help, Anou asks how can we build a resilient community of artisans where outside help and fair-trade organizations are no longer needed.