Esferas de Adelaida | Decor Spheres

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The Story:

Mexican “barro negro” black clay is only found in one place in the world, San Bartolo Coyotepec in Oaxaca! Here the clay is excavated from the ground, molded and pit-fired. It’s glossy appearance is achieved from polishing each piece before it dries with a quartz stone before firing. Only 600 families in the world are dedicated to preserving this craft!! All craftsmanship is done by hand using only natural materials.

The Artists:

Miguel Fabián Pedro, his wife Esther Canseco Morga and their two children, Omar Fabián Canseco and Adelaida Fabián Canseco, create a wide variety of jugs and vases in black ceramics. Their styles range from purely traditional – primarily those of Miguel and Esther -- to extremely modern, the latter being the creations of Omar who was trained as a graphic designer but decided to return to his family’s ceramic crafts. Omar also creates tiles and other shapes for interior decoration, such as walls, murals, and ceilings. 

The Piece: 

These beautiful black pottery spheres make the perfect covering for a candle, where light can shine through the extricate design carved by hand on each piece. It also makes a gorgeous stand alone decor item!


Medium: approx. 5.5” Diameter

Large: approx. 6.5” Diameter

Due to the handmade nature of each piece each pattern is different and there may be variations in color due to the firing process.