Be You Affirmation Cards

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Be You affirmation cards are a great way to enhance your life with affirming phrases & sayings that create a feeling of confidence and positivity. Have fun selecting from a set of 40 beautifully illustrated cards to create a short spread for you to recite as often as you'd like or try: 

  • Adding one in your planner as a reminder
  • Pin some to your inspiration board
  • Write down examples of how you enact that affirmation in your life
  • Make a wall collage with selected affirmations, and change them every week
  • Choose a unique one each day, and rewrite it 10 times in different colors or styles
  • Stick one on your mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say it aloud until it feels genuine
  • Gift this set to that special person in your life to inspire and motivate their efforts

Be You Affirmation Cards Set features 40 affirmations, printed on luxurious, 350 gsm ethically-harvested paper. Each card is 4 x 4 inches and nestled in a small complementary box.