Jacqueline Gala | Sterling Silver Dangling Hoops

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 The Artist

Jacqueline Gala is a Taos Pueblo – Hopi Silversmith. The inspiration and symbolism in her jewelry is continuously expanding her horizons in the quest to create new unique designs. Jacqueline studied at Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. She has now designed & created jewelry for over 35 Years. Her jewelry is shown at Jewelry Shows, Galleries and Museums and is widely collected in International circles. Jacqueline lives and creates Her jewelry and design work in gorgeous and inspiring Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. 

Silversmith and award-winning jewelry designer Jacqueline Gala began her career first as a painter, then a photographer. From a young age, she loved to draw and that talent served her in sketching images for science class since Taos high school. While attending high school and college art classes at Santa Fe’s Institute for American Indian Arts (IAIA) in the 1970s, Jacquie started painting. While searching for the right medium to express herself artistically, she turned to photography. She worked in one of her classes at the IAIA as a finish photographer specializing in horse-racing photos for the Santa Fe Downs racetrack. Still wishing to find a media that suited her, Jacquie arrived at silversmithing.

  • 100% Sterling Silver 

  • Simple and elegant

  • 3" long