Vintage Stereograph Photo

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Stereographs were photographs that were printed onto a piece of cardstock or cardboard used in the late 1800s. Stereographs were two nearly identical images of the same subject that were viewed through a stereoscope or stereoscopic viewer. A stereoscope was a hand held device that had two lenses positioned about 2 ½ inches apart from one another to simulate the space between the human eyes. When looking through the viewer at the two images hosted on a stereograph card, the person looking at the images got the impression that he or she was seeing the subject in 3-D!

Stereographs featured famous sites, cities, events, and people. These Stereographs depict the Flat Iron Building in NYC, female phone operators at Sears, Roebuck & Co. And a lovely black couple strolling and holding hands (rare photo for this time period.) 

Shopping vintage is a great way to practice sustainability and to bring unique pieces home! Celebrate well-aged and well-pieces! 


7” long  x 3.5” wide