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Married couple, Jack and Ruth of Jaru, originally created their art business as a platform for a collective of artists and potters back in the 1950s. Later, the business began to showcase the works of Jack and Ruth which consisted of the gorgeous and unique ceramic sculptures we see trademarked today.

"Jaru pottery is a generic name (and market) for unique, handmade pottery, particularly from the mid-century era."

They succeeded in creating a signature look and style that was unique to them, one which designers and investors, both nationally and internationally, quickly took an interest in; the uniqueness of the Californian pottery they dealt in. While other enterprises tried to duplicate this style, they fell short in capturing the ‘Californian look‘ that came easily with Jaru Art Products, therefore, several art collectors around the world cherish and bond over Jaru signature pottery and the pieces in their possession. 

We have aquired two Jaru Sculptures for you to design in your home including:

  • (1980) A JARU Stylized Nude Woman Ceramic Sculpture in White As-Is. (contains a couple cracks as shown in the photos) - measures 12″ x 15″ x 6″
  • (1970s) A Jaru "Lovers Cubist Ceramic Sculpture in orange/pink - measures  9.5″ x 16.5″ x 6″