Transient Permanence || A Collection of the Works of Sadio Diallo

A collaborative effort of aKAZ!ATL and SustainAble Home Goods, featuring Transcendent Permanence, a collection of works by Sadio Diallo.

Sadio is the quintessential inhabitant of Dakar, Senegal. He incorporates all the fantastical elements of that most modern and yet ancient of cities that sits at the confluence of desert and ocean, of ancient spirituality, Islam and Christianity, of colliding kingdoms, communities and histories and most of all a living city, perhaps due to its very special geography at the western most tip of the African Continent, surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic, that is cosmopolitan, open, curious and forward facing in everything it does. 

Sadio’s art portrays all of the above: the collision, the encounter, the grace, the inclusion and resulting fusion into the authentic and innovative -  in a way that never erases origin. As a Peulh, Sadio is steeped in migration and the transhumance at the heart of all nomadic peoples. Ancient Fulani symbols are embedded in each of his works, especially that bird which symbolizes transience and yet its pose is steeped in permanence.

As a young man, Sadio was given a Jean-Michel Basquiat catalogue which set his mind working. The viewer can see the influence of Basquiat in Sadio’s work, which of course begs the question whose work informed Basquiat. And that brings us full circle back -  to the collision and encounter that has produced the very best  in art, literature, music, design and much else. 

Sadio has been widely exhibited in Senegal as well as elsewhere. He is a regular participant at the Dakar Art Biennale in the DAK’ART OFF. In 2018 he represented Senegal at the Exposicion Universal in Zaragoza (Spain). He has also shown at the Galerie Africaine in Paris and most recently his work attracted attention in Barcelona at the Out of Africa Gallery as well as in group exhibits in Freiburg, Germany.  Sadio is increasingly classed among the emerging contemporary artists from the African continent who defy description because of their innovative and completely avantgarde vitality. Our prediction is that his work will only continue to build traction and gain in value.