Pile Knot Rug - Pink Abstract

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In Morocco, this bohemian style rug would be used to decorate houses especially in the nicest rooms/guest rooms or during a celebration. Pile knot rugs are often offered as a gift for newlyweds.

Approx. Size 5ft 7in x 4ft 1in x 1in, hand woven



The women of Cooperative Tifawin are from a village outside of City Fatima called Ourika. The area is commonly visited by tourists, which is what encouraged the women to build the cooperative, as well as being famous for its boucherouite and traditional high mountain rugs that have a variety of colors. For the women, these rugs are like canvases where they can create new and unique designs. The women are now able to unite as a community and develop their skills while also earning sustainable income, working in a shared space and in their respective homes.


Anou is a community of artisans working together to reshape Morocco's artisan economy so that it works for rather than against them. By purchasing this rug you are supporting both an artisan's livelihood and their ability to shape the future of craft in Morocco. Anou represents a fundamental shift in the fair-trade industry. Instead of asking how organizations of businesses can help, Anou asks how can we build a resilient community of artisans where outside help and fair-trade organizations are no longer needed.