Black Cat Statue

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The Story

This unique work of ceramic art is a favorite of ours! Whimsical and timeless, this Black Cat Statue is incredibly rare in nature. The style of pottery comes from a region along the Guatemalan-Honduran border. The statue is handcrafted using an ancient pottery burnishing technique where a flat stone is used to rub the surface to a sheen. Then, during firing, a resist technique (similar to batik) is used to protect the natural brown color of the clay while the uncovered parts of the surface achieve a black finish.  This method means no two sculptures are ever identical. This truly extraordinary statue can be used as a candle holder, vase, or stand alone as a remarkable piece of art.

The Details

-8”H x 8”W x4”D

-One-of-a-kind ceramic statue

-Made using ancient Guatemalan-Honduran techniques