Silk Road Bazaar | Jean-Michel Basquiat Felt Ornament

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Figure ornament. Approximately 4 Inches.

Silk Road Bazaar's  talented artisans work in the remote regions of Kyrgyzstan. They connect with artists who are far from the capitals, have limited market access and have carried on traditional craft culture. Using natural fibers and eco-friendly resources they work with artisans to produce hand crafted products in Kyrgyzstan. All designs and collaborations are original works of Central Asian artists and Silk Road Bazaar.

Following the proverb, ‘the best way to know a man is to walk a thousand miles in his shoes,’ Silk Road believes that to know who they are working with and to understand their lives, they themselves need to live like and with them. They live amongst their artist groups for an extended period of time. During that time Silk Road helps them become self-sustainable by developing their designs, management techniques, quality control and computer skills.

Their mission is to have tradition meet modernity to support and develop traditional crafting techniques on products with a modern touch!