Little Pig bowl made from red clay by hand in Oaxaca Mexico

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The Story:

Colectivo 1050 is a cooperative of potters from Oaxaca, Puebla and Chiapas in México. They offer simple and elegant hand crafted clay products, which combine the wisdom of tradition and the dynamism of innovation. The colors of 1050° are the colors of their land, of its rich geography of mountains and hillsides, its flavors, smells and textures. They are part of Innovando la Tradición, a social design, fair trade, and cultural development project.

The Artists:

Niece and aunt, Macrina and Alberta carry on the tradition of utilitarian burnished terracotta pottery that has existed in their family and community for many centuries. In their traditional farming pueblo, they have drawn upon pre-Colombian methods, while also introducing new forms and improved quality. Alberta and Macrina create pots for cooking, large bowls, platters for cooking tortillas, cups and saucers, plates and other items. Flecks of mica in these red-toned pieces give the lovely appearance of gold.

The Pieces:

This family of little pigs were born during one of Innovando La Tradición's design courses. From a traditional piece, the artesans made transformations until the present piece was achieved. You can use them as containers, for salsa, or desk materials. Plus, in 2012, they were selected to travel to New York City in order to be presented in the MoMA store.

The intense red color of these pieces is given by a slip with a special clay gather from a hillside near the village and then delicately burnished with quartz stone.


Large\ 5.1"x5.1"x3.5" aprox

Medium\ 3.9"x3.9"x2.7" aprox

Small\ 2.7"x2.7"x1.9" aprox