Tule Fog | Reed Diffuser - 3fl oz

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Sea + Lavender

Our best selling fragrance, Sea + Lavender is salty air mixed with the aroma of wildflowers native to the California coast. This reed diffuser is the best parts of the Bay Area and perfect for anywhere you want to invoke feelings of calm, serenity and comfort. Top notes: plum, ozone | Core notes: lavender, floral | Base notes: vanilla, amber 

Sandalwood + Eucalyptus

Sandalwood + Eucalyptus will remind you of a quintessential Northern California hike. With notes of forest and a hint of healing eucalyptus, Sandalwood + Eucalyptus is perfect for anywhere you want to invoke feelings of healing, soothing, and invigoration. Top notes: wood, clove | Core notes: eucalyptus, earth | Base notes: musk

Amber + Cedar 

Amber + Cedar is feminine and sweet, gracefully softening any room it is placed in. It is aromas of cedar, jasmine, and vanilla are perfect for a cozy place that you’d like to embrace softness, and romanticism. Top notes: vanilla, amber | Core notes: cedarwood, jasmine | Base notes: sandalwood, pine

Tahoe Lights is a fresh cut Christmas tree meets a warm home. This is the perfect scent to bring the outdoors, in. Classic, clean, and fresh, this reed diffuser will create the a sophisticated atmosphere for a cool winter evening. 

Top notes: citrus, green, fir
Core notes: balsam
Base notes: moss, cedarwood, amber

Box Dimensions: 2.5" L x 2" W x 10.25"

Bottle Dimensions: 4.25" tall, 1.75" base diameter