Bartolo Jug (Medium) made by hand in Oaxaca Mexico

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The Story:

Colectivo 1050 is a cooperative of potters from Oaxaca, Puebla and Chiapas in México. They offer simple and elegant hand crafted clay products, which combine the wisdom of tradition and the dynamism of innovation. The colors of 1050° are the colors of their land, of its rich geography of mountains and hillsides, its flavors, smells and textures. They are part of Innovando la Tradición, a social design, fair trade, and cultural development project.

The Artists: 

Coyotepec is one of the most recognised  pottery communities in Mexico. The local pottery is unique, not only for its attractive black colour, but also for the large number of pottery families that keep the tradition alive. The old name of the town is Zaapeche or “cloud where the jaguar hides” according to the townspeople.

The mysterious metallic-grey color of these pieces is an indicator that they are suitable to hold water and are more resistant thanks to their firing at 1050° C.

The Pieces:

Enjoy the smooth form and mysterious color of the Bartola Jar, one of Colectivo’s classic pieces. This beautiful jug is perfect for serving your favorite drinks out of or you can use it as a gorgeous vase! 


5” x 5” x 6.2”