Ordinary Habit | 100 Piece Puzzles

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Each Puzzle is finished with a soft-touch, glare-free coating and contains 100 puzzle pieces. The completed puzzles measure out to 8.5 x 10.625" and are made with recycled materials.

  • Box Size: 5 x 4.5 x 2.5 in

Made available by Ordinary Habit Puzzles, these two gorgeous puzzles feature original art work by Petra Eriksson, Joanne Hendrick and Chloé Joyce. They will be the perfect party pleasers or even time passers on a rainy day!

Kooka and Kora: Chloé Joyce’s scene of lush reflection brings together figurative form with a tropical landscape. A small reminder of how wonderful it is every time we’re able to connect with nature.

Royal MansourThere’s truly no place we’d rather be, swimming in the blue waters of this beautiful pool. The lines between inside and the great outdoors are blurred as you look closer at the architectural details in Joanne Hendrick’s Royal Mansour.

Ramen LunchJust imagine – playing hooky with your best friend so that you can grab a ramen lunch and discuss the latest gossip. We can just about hear the constant laughter and giggling as we put together this mini puzzle by Petra Eriksson.