Thistle Farms | Healing Essential Oil Roll-On Kit

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Offering a variety of powerful benefits, essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years. Notorious for their restorative qualities, user's experience physical, emotional and spiritual wellness that is truly life-changing. Our four Healing Oils deliver profound sensations of Balance, Calm, Comfort, or Focus.

  • Roller-ball easily glides on desired area
  • Immediate impact, lasting effectiveness 

The Makers: Thistle Farms is a non-profit that empowers, and employs women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Their logo, a sprig of thistle is deeply representative of who they advocate for. Considered weeds by many, thistles have a deep root that can shoot through concrete and survive drought. The resilience, vibrancy, and healing qualities of the thistle parallel the survival and flourishing of women survivors. 

The Product:

Balance: Warm and grounding, featuring lemon, lavender, and rose geranium.

Calm: Soft citrus with a sweet and earthy aroma.

Focus: Zesty mint and citrus notes, with a sweet floral essence.

Comfort: Warming and relaxing, with clary sage, clove + ylang-ylang.