TEASPRESSA | LUXE Cocktail Sugar Cubes Jar

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Our LUXE Sugar Cubes make instant mimosas, cocktails, mocktails and lattes with the drop of a cube. To make a cocktail just add the cube to spirits! Made with all-natural ingredients and containing only 16 calories, enjoy craft cocktails anywhere, anytime! 25 servings per jar. Made in the USA.

MANHATTAN: Cane sugar, natural vermouth extract, black cherry extract, angostura bitters, spiced cherry bitters, natural orange oil, natural caramel dye & natural beet dye. Add 2oz of rye whiskey, stir over ice, strain and serve in new glass straight up. Garnish with cherry.

MOJITO: Cane sugar, natural lime, natural spearmint oil, tartaric acid & spearmint leaves. Add 1.5oz of white rum, fill cup with ice. Add 4oz club soda. Garnish with Yerba buena mint sprig.