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Each Puzzle is finished with a soft-touch, glare-free coating and contains 500 and 1000 puzzle pieces. They are made with recycled materials and a drawstring cloth bag and artwork postcard are included. 

Made available by Ordinary Habit Puzzles, these gorgeous puzzles feature original art work by Lida Ziruffo, Angela Mckay, EurekaStudio and Sara Boccaccini Meadows. They will be the perfect party pleasers or even time passers on a rainy day.

Jungle Hike: Transport yourself to this luscious jungle scene when you piece together Jungle Hike by Sara Boccaccini Meadows. A lush natural scene makes for calming content that’s challenging to complete. You’ll have a blast uncovering the detail amidst the greenery and bringing it all to life.

Jardin d'hivers: Step into the serene world Lida Ziruffo has created in her Jardin d’hiver. Peaceful, muted tones, and tiny details that are a joy to find, make this a challenging yet satisfying puzzle to put together.

The Wolf and I: The coziest evening scene unfolds before us – deeply engrossed in your book, the world melts away. Putting together this beautiful puzzle by Angela Mckay will transport you immediately, and bring you into the warmth of a very cozy living room.

Enchanted: Wish upon a shooting star in this space themed puzzle by EurekaStudio. A gentle reminder to make sure to look up once in a while, since you never know what you might see. Truly enchanting, we can feel a peaceful pause as we gaze upon the scene.