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Siam sterling is sterling silver jewelry made in Siam or what is known as Thailand today. The pieces depict the characters of mythology from the Ramakien (the Thailand national story) as well as the story of Mekhala and Ramasoon. 

The jewelry is typically crafted with niello which is the black part of the Siam Sterling jewelry made from silver, copper, sulphur, lead and ammonium chloride. The Thai nielloware technique involves carving the aforementioned design into the silver,  then using niello to fill in the negative space. The piece is then baked in an open fire to harden, cool, and then it is polished smooth, resulting in an emphasis on the motifs. 

Determined by the markings on the bracelets, it is safe to say they were handcrafted somewhere between 1926 and the early 1950s! 

We have two bracelets to choose from, both featuring an open box clasp:

  • Siam Bracelet 1: approx. 8.125" long including clasp, 2.5" diameter when closed
  • Siam Bracelet 2: approx. 7" long including clasp, 2" diameter when closed