Custom Tradition - Lidded Baskets

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Lidded Basket (Tenate con Tapa)

The common term for these lidded baskets in Oaxaca, Mexico are tenates, which translates to “palm baskets”. Each tenate is handwoven with palm leaves by Custom Tradition’s women-led basket weaving collective of the Mixtec tribe. The leaves are collected from a local valley, dried, stripped into thin, ribbon-like pieces, and then woven into various shapes, designs and sizes. Each one takes about two to three hours to complete, and even longer if colorful designs are incorporated. Traditionally, these baskets have always been used by the Mixtec community as storage in homes, and are often found being sold in local markets. Use them for storage, decoration, or even as planters for your large house plants!

DIMENSIONS: 13in tall x 11in wide (sizes are approximate due to artisanal nature)