Tule Fog | Double Wick Soy Candles - 12oz

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Sea & Lavender

Our best selling fragrance, Sea + Lavender is salty air mixed with the aroma of wildflowers native to the California coast. This candle is the best parts of the Bay Area and perfect for anywhere you want to invoke feelings of calm, serenity and comfort.  With double wicks, the candle features top notes of plum and ozone, core notes of lavender and floral, and base notes of vanilla and amber.

Fig & Vine

Fig + Vine is inspired by the rolling hills and modern elegance of Napa Valley. This signature scent invokes the exquisite complexity of a chardonnay, featuring notes of butter, oak, fig, floral, and a hint of spice. Fig + Vine is ideal for a place that you’d like to add a bit of fun, casual sophistication. With double wicks, the candle features top notes:  of rhubarb & fig, core notes of grape and base notes of vanilla & oak.

Candle Dimensions:

4" tall, 3.5" base