Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics - Bohemian Red and 24K Gold Mug

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The Story:

We all have that friend who enjoys a good mug to accentuate their tea or coffee (maybe you’re that friend?) Enjoy the right touch of real-life and whimsy with these hand-thrown mugs, each one a small salute to the things we love. With this Bohemian Red and 24k Gold Mug, you can’t go wrong. Plus, this mug is decorated with a rare 1970s English vintage color decal!

The Details:

-Hand-thrown, hand-glazed, hand-decorated

-Fired 4 times to achieve its look

-Holds roughly 2 cups

-Is microwave and dishwasher safe

-Made in the Bohemian Cat House in Vermont

-Made with rare 1970s English vintage color decal