Amor Libre | Handwoven Basket

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The art of basketry dates back to our hunter gatherer times and has developed from simple containers for food gatherings, to other items that include: mats, boxes, chairs, cradles, sandals, etc. We still see these creations being crafted today, but in a much smaller capacity.

The Benito family of Oaxaca, Mexico is one of the only families there who still caries on the tradition of basket weaving. However, our founder had the incredible opportunity to meet them on her most recent trip to Oaxaca, and with her, she brought back a collection of this family’s hand woven baskets which display the high level of talent and craftsmanship of this region.

Lidded Basket

Traditionally, these baskets have always been used by Oaxacan communities as storage in homes, and are often found being sold in local markets. Use them for storage, decoration, or even fill it up with beach essentials and go soak in the sun! Each basket contains a lid with a strap to keep it in place and two large handles to make transport a breeze. *Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, sizes and exact measurements may vary. 


Small: 16" wide at widest point x 14.5" tall (2ft tall at tallest point including handles)

Large: 18" wide at widest point x 16" tall (2.5 ft tall at tallest point including handles)