Women of the Red Clay | Cucharas Pequeñas - Spoons

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The Story:

In the small Zapotec village of San Marcos Tlapazola, women have been making pottery out of red clay gathered from the surrounding mountains for twenty generations! Using their hands and tools such as pieces of smooth leather, corn cobs, and a deconstructed basketball as a pottery wheel, the women have traditionally made comales (flat griddles usually used to make tortillas) and cazuelas (fire and oven safe covered dishes for stews) and more! In recent years, the younger generation of artisans decided to expand outside of the traditions of previous generations to cater to new groups of people interested in the history and the distinctive aesthetic of the red clay. Today the village is thriving and the women of the red clay are known worldwide for their unique offerings. The Women Of The Red Clay offer simple and elegant hand crafted clay products, which combine the wisdom of tradition and the dynamism of innovation. They work to unite the Village by helping to create sustainable practices for preserving this form of artistry.

The Artists:

Niece and aunt, Macrina and Alberta carry on the tradition of utilitarian burnished terracotta pottery that has existed in their family and community for many centuries. In their traditional farming pueblo, they have drawn upon pre-Colombian methods, while also introducing new forms and improved quality. Alberta and Macrina create pots for cooking, large bowls, platters for cooking tortillas, cups and saucers, plates and other items. Flecks of mica in these red-toned pieces give the lovely appearance of gold.

The Pieces:

These tiny handcrafted spoons (Chucharas Pequeñas translates to "little spoons") from Oaxaca, Mexico are a customer favorite. You can pair these lovely spoons with our Red Clay Piggie Bowls and use them for scooping sugar or spices, eating cereal or soup, mixing coffee or tea and more! 


Large: Approx. 5" Long

Medium: Approx. 4" Long

Small: Approx. 3" Long