Algodon-Guatemala Bed Cover-Navy

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Our beautifully handmade Guatemalan bed cover in navy and blue color pattern will bring a pop of color into any space!

Dyed with natural colors by a fair-trade women's collective in San Juan la Laguna this heirloom quality piece will bring warmth and life to your home.

Measuring approx 74" by 90" this handsome textile is perfect to cover a full or queen sized bed however it can also be used as a throw blanket or bed runner.

The item begins as a raw cotton strand that is then spun into yarn by hand, dyed, and then woven using a back strap loom in a pain staking process. Each of our bed covers feature Mayan patterns that are unique to this region and culture.

No Chemicals or Chemical Dyes 
We use only natural plant/mineral based dyes.
We use no bleach or other chemical treatments or dyes in our production process.
The fibres are hand-harvested, washed in the waters of lake Atilan.

Algodon de Textiles is a collective of 33 families that distributes almost all of the sales of each item directly to the women who make them. When you buy handmade products you are a part of their story as well.

*Products are made from raw cotton that will soften over time.

*Machine washable with cold water. dry on low heat