Sol Alchemy Snacks | Plant-Based Snack Bites

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Our plant-based snacks with superfoods are designed as perfect, healthy snacks. Individually wrapped to satisfy your craving and convenient and safe to share.

Available in three flavors:

Peanut Butter - STRENGTH

Premium peanuts lend a delectable nutty taste while Sacha Inchi lends a subtle umami flavor. Accompanied by bites of artisan-made sweet and delicious fairtrade chocolate chips imported from Italy. A decadent addition of slowly toasted coconut for a buttery sweet taste. This dessert-inspired plant-based “peanut butter” flavor with only 3 grams of natural sugar is going to be your favorite treat.

Cookie Dough - CLARITY

Enhance your memory and find clarity in every bite. A creamy, melt-in-your-mouth flavor unfolds using only premium artisan-crafted fairtrade chocolate chips imported directly from Italy’s finest chocolatiers. This “cookie dough” inspired flavor is subtly sweet with delicious slow toasted coconut, notes of nutty cashews sourced locally from California farms with a chewy and crunchy satisfying surprise texture. This delicious high-quality snack with only 4 grams of natural sugar leaves notes of caramel flavor lingering on your taste buds.

Almond Cherry - ENERGY

A sweet and subtly tart cherry taste marries with the nutty crunch of the bold flavor of cacao nibs in this fruity bite. With notes of caramel from the slowly toasted coconut pieces and almonds sourced locally from trusted California farms. A chewy and crunchy texture unfolds with each bite of this delicious nourishing snack.