The Connection Between Wellness and Our Home Environment: 5 Ways to Bring Wellness Into Our Homes

Ah wellness, one little word, so many meanings!
Wellness can so often get narrowed down to healthy eating and fitness, but we know truly living well is much more expansive and individualized than that. Making healthier choices that are life giving and sustainable to both ourselves and the planet is influenced by many, many factors and will look differently for everyone.
But one thing we do know, is that the small every day choices we make have a powerful impact not only on ourselves, but on the world. What better place to start than within our own homes? The place where many of us spend so much of our time, especially this last year.
So, how do we bring holistic, healthy living into our homes?
How do we create an environment that is conducive to living well and aligned with our values?
A few necessary ingredients: a little bit of time, intention and creativity. And, willingness, of course! Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We were never meant to do it alone!
We’re sharing 5 helpful ideas for creating your space, along with some of our favorite products, to help you along the way!
1. Declutter
Sometimes our homes, rooms, closets, and drawers end up accumulating a whole lot of stuff. And while we may not love the clutter, getting rid of things can be hard. So can taking intentional time to sort through it all and declutter. But, Marie Kondo wasn’t a hit for no reason. Tidying up truly is life changing magic. Set aside some intentional time for the task. Set an intention and vision for how you want the space to feel. Ask for help. Focus on keeping what you love and on your intention. And most importantly, make it fun.
2. Engage Your Senses
Our senses can actually impact our mood, our stress level and how we perceive the world. This means we have the power to shift those things by checking in with ourselves, deciding what type of energy we need in that moment and then delighting our senses in whatever that is. Want to feel inspired? Add in artwork that inspires you. Want to feel uplifted? Engage your smell with aromatherapy - burning a candle, lighting an incense, or turning on a diffuser that feels uplifting. Want to feel cozy and nurtured? Wrap up with a soft blanket and warm cup of tea. The options are endless here. Think colors, textures, sounds, memories. These all impact us and can help us create a space that meets our changing needs.
Our favorites for engaging your senses:
Our Intertwined Candles, Handmade Incense Cones, and our Reed Diffusers
3. Reduce Chemicals & Toxins
We’re unfortunately exposed to more chemicals and toxins than ever. More than we often realize. The best way to reduce our exposure is to choose products, from body-care essentials to cleaning sprays, that are made without these harmful ingredients. This also includes choosing items that are in glass containers instead of plastic. Our refill station is an awesome solution for all of the above. Clean ingredients, glass bottles and refills for all the things: laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Mindfulness around anything we put in or on our bodies is key.
Our non-toxic, people & planet loving favorites:
Plaine Products Shampoo and Conditioner, and Common Goods Soaps and All Purpose Spray.
4. Bring Nature Inside
We are a part of nature and our connection to it has a huge impact on our well-being. One way to nurture this need of ours is to bring a little more nature inside our homes. Plants are a great place to start. If you’re worried about plant care, search out plants that are considered low maintenance and start small. You can also bring in beautiful planters made of natural materials.
Featured here: Rukira Honey Pot Basket
5. Create A Space For “You” Time
Having some “me” time in our lives in a necessary part of living well. It’s also another area that we often have to be really intentional about. Consider creating an area that is designated for your “you” time. Be intentional about setting aside time to engage in a ritual to connect with yourself in this space. It doesn’t have to be a big space or large amount of time. It could be your bathtub. It could be a small corner where you keep a few grounding items. And it may only be a few minutes. Maybe it’s a few moments in the morning or evening to write in a gratitude journal, to take a relaxing bath, or to enjoy a cup of tea without distractions.
 Our best products for creating your space:
Guji Mane Coffee and our No Tox Life Shower Steamers.
The best thing about all of these is that you get to decide what they look and feel like. The most important thing is that they bring you back home to yourself and remind you that taking time to create wellness within your living space is a beautiful act of care to all. We hope that they inspired you and hope to have you in the store to experience our lovely wellness and home goods in person!
Written by Lauren Faulk

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